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October 30, 2018
funny wifi names 2019
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Best of funny wifi names for network ssid: Now a days most of people have wifi routers  on their home , shops, restaurants etc. but their wifi routers comes up with default names.So today i am going to tell you how to set and pick up a unique and funny wifi names for your ssid network.

 A unique wifi name not only make your wifi cool but also make it easier to find it. Some time when your friends and family members comes your home wants to use your wifi  a cool and funny  wifi names  provide them amusement. you can also give a jerky wifi names for neighbor  who use your wifi without your permission.

So the game is started when my  Neighbors had the obligatory "FBI Surveillance Van" SSID so I made ours "Swedish Mafia Safe house". That's the reason  i got a thought to make a website which includes lots of funny wifi names.

 As i tell u that most of people have network ssid  but when you buy a new one first you  got in your mind that choose some unique and funny wifi names. you start googling for some wifi names  but you did not find some good one because everyone is sharing old.So that's why i came  up for you  with some  best ,clever, funny ,awesome and unique wifi names.

list of 50 new funny wifi names 2018 for routers network ssid

funny wifi names 2018
Wifi routers is the best way to connect globally with internet so here are some funny wifi routers names.
  • Order pizza for (insert house number) to get password
  • We Are Watching You
  • Pretty Fly For a Wi-fi
  • tellmywifiloveher
  • Get your own damn wifi
  • Never Gonna Give You Up
  • 'motherfucker hotspot
  • Loading... and Loading..... 
  • Yell penis for for password
  • DontTellMyWifiAmAtTheBar
  • Grandma, Click Here For Internet
  • Encrypted for your pleasure.
  • YouShallNeverKnowThePassword
  • Pay me $5 for password
  • Bill Wi the Science Fi
  • Bill Clinternet
  • HarambeNet
  • Will you be my WiFi
  • The Lan before time
  • (.) (.) boobies!
  • NSA_Packet_Grabber
  • BigNStanky
  • FBI Field Unit
  • Secret NATO Base
  • WiBelieveICanFi
  • IWillEatYourRelatives
  • Alice is a cunt" when you hate your neighbor, Alice.
  • QueerEyeForTheWiFi
  • ItBurnsWhenIP
  • UncleTouchysNakedPuzzleBasement
  • SpreadMyButtcheeks4Shrek
  • Will connect for free beer
  • JamesIsGay. My neighbors name is James who coincidently tries to steal my Wi-Fi.
  • WiFi Because we are hiFi

Conclusion :-   So, these are the list of some new funny wifi names. Hope you all like it.If you like it please share your value able comments down below in the comment section. If you wanna share some funny wifi names comment below or contact us...... :)